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Q&A with the "Chase the Lights" Race Promoter

Check out this unique running event "Chase the Lights". The race is on June 3rd in San Francisco, we have a top secret discount code for $10 off! Now code, wait for it, wait for it... "AlpineDam". I hope you enjoy the race!

Now for the Q&A....

1) How did you come up with the concept for the race?

I was on a run going through the city and got sick of stopping at all of the lights. So half way through I decided to just turn at all the red lights and run straight at all of the green lights. It turned out to be a pretty fun run and I went on some streets that I had never been on before. 

2) Any chance someone like me could get lost and end up on a boat to Alcatraz?

Yes, if they are very directionally challenged. Seriously though, I encourage people to bring their phones if they don’t know the city very well so they’ll have some way to figure out where to go. Part of the fun of the race is to get a little lost and end up having to figure out where to go on the run.

3) With Revision Athletics you work specifically on functional strength? Why do you think folks are moving away from workouts like Back ’n Bi’s and Chest ’n Tri’s?

I think most people are moving away from the old school workouts like leg day and chest day etc. because they are realizing that it’s not as fun as mixing up the workouts. There are also a lot more classes and group training options available that mix up the types of workout keeping people more engaged. The main benefit of the classes is that you can get in great shape without having to think much for yourself. You just show up and do the work.

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